Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hello! Things have been hectic lately. We are getting ready to have the house painted and we are going on vacation. The girls had birthdays. Maya is now 12 and Layla is now 1. Crazy. Drew is wondering when his birthday party is. Poor baby. He'll appreciate having his own time when he's older, but now he feel left out of the festivities. Layla is not just walking, but running. She's a wild child.
Andy is taking his first day off from work this friday. I'm so excited that I didn't have to have another baby for him to take time off! This is a first. We have a lot to do, but it will be nice to have him off when we can all just be home with him.
As for me, I'm still home. I've been on a mini-strike from cooking and cleaning lately. Burned out. I'll be starting school in the fall for acupuncture. The fam is running for the hills because I told them that when I'm ready I want to practice on them!! Just kidding, but not really. My bookclub is going nicely. We are reading Moloka'i. I don't have the author's name handy, but e-mail me if you are interested. I'm still selling labels. I love them. The keep me organized. Here is the link for those of you who are interested in labeling yours or your kids stuff:
cool stuff.
We are all healthy. Trying to remain peaceful and loving with eachother. The motto of the family is "Happy Wife, Happy Life". It's actually something I'm pushing for!! Everyone in the house seems to agree. It's of course easier said than done. But we're working on it.
Andy will put pics on asap. Hope you all are doing well. Kisses.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It's been too long!

Hey guys!
I'm sorry that I haven't kept this up. I've been in a rut and didn't want to spread the negative vibes to you all. Things are good. Spring is in the air. It's raining a lot, but that means we don't have to water for awhile!
Layla took her first step on the 7th of April. Drew's soccer ended tonight. He's doing kids Yoga right now before I put him down. Maya is at a sleep over with her friend CeCe. Spring break is almost over for her, so back to the grind.
Maya and I took a beading class on Tuesday and made bracelets. They are pretty, but hard. Well, now that's a new thing for me. I'll take some pictures of the different ones I've made so far. We still have to put pictures of Easter and stuff. We'll get there.
Andy and I are still doing the A New Earth webcast bookclub thing. If any of you haven't read it, read it. I do believe it will make us better human beings. My bookclub is meeting tomorrow. It's a group of intelligent ladies who actually discuss the books! I love it. It's not a gossip fest. Good books, good discussion, good snacks, good drinks and great company. Can't ask for a better evening among friends. So, thanks to you that participate in that with me.
I'll talk to you all more often.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The snow is melting!!

It's been a while since the last post. We got a 14 inches of snow last weekend and Tammy's been pretty PO'd and didn't want to spread the negativity. We got stuck on our street twice (in less than 10 minutes). Spring is on the way now, though!

Because of the weather, we did our Easter activities inside this year. Drew played bells at church. Layla yelled at him from the pews.

We hope this finds everyone well. Thanks for all the comments. It's great to hear from all of you!

Easter pictures to follow...


Friday, March 21, 2008


Hi everyone. I (Andy) helped out by posting pictures today. We picked pictures that show the personality of each of the kids. Hope this finds everyone well. More later...

Hey guys! Tammy here. It's snowing like crazy on this fine spring day. Andy had the day off so we went shopping for Easter-in the snow-it's freezing-I'm pissed! Anyway...enough complaining. I hope you enjoy the pics. They are the ones that made us laugh for various reasons. Miss you all.

If you are all interested in my new venture, I am selling labels that are microwave, dishwasher safe and clothing labels that are washer/dryer safe. You can label your kids' things, clothing, shoes, kitchen stuff, sports equipment, etc. Check it out!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Spring?

Hey! Spring is coming! So is a snow storm. We'll have snow for Easter. I hope you all have better weather wherever you are.
Maya's dance went fine. Boys are still clueless in her head, so I'm happy.
Drew is going to marry Hannah Montana when he grows up to be a man. He likes her hair and she sings. How simple his life is! I love it.
Layla can't get enough food. It's no suprise since it goes through her like a goose!
Andy and I are good. We still love eachother so life is great.
Talk to you...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

March 19, 2008

Hey Guys!
Things are good. I woke up this morning and watched a yoga program from the comfort of my bed. It seemed to get me going! Maybe I'll actually do it soon.
We just had my friend, Amy, who happens to be the best photographer in the world come over and take pictures of Layla. I'll e-mail those out as soon as I get them back. Anyone who needs pictures locally, let me know and I'll give you her number!
Things are busy, but I'm not sure why. My house is still a mess and I haven't gotten dressed yet! I did make carrot muffins because Drew won't eat veggies, so I bought that cookbook and put veggies in everything. I could put anything in a muffin and Drew will eat it.
Sewing is busy. Labels are not too busy, but fun.
Maya has a 6th grade dance from 3-5 today. I thought she would get dressed up a little, but no. I need to gear up for Easter. We're probably going to be under a little snow, so egg hunting will take place inside! Take care-Talk to you...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

First Entry 3/18/08

Here we go! We wanted to start a blog to better communicate with you all. So far we haven't put any pictures or anything on, but give us time. - like a day or so of nagging Andy and pictures will appear since he is the computer guy! Just a quick introduction and then we'll get to the nitty gritty of our lives in future commentary.

Let's see, Maya is now 11 and in 6th grade. She is doing pretty well in school. She is taking guitar lessons and is "pretty good" as she tells people. Andy and I have to agree! She also plays indoor soccer where Andy is her coach. Her team is the Falcons and they are pretty good too. Andy is a great coach and the girls love him.

Drew is now 4. He got 4 shots yesterday and is walking like a penguin - poor baby! He is in pre-school MWF. He loves it. He also plays indoor soccer. Acutally, it's more of an instructional thing, but he is having a ball jumping and running. He even runs after the ball on occasion. His favorite words are butt and poop. I expect great things from that boy!

Layla, now 10 months is trying to walk. She eats everything, including the dog (Shiloh). She is such a happy baby when she's not hungry or tired. She fits in to this family perfectly! Again, another genius.

Andy is doing great at work. He just got promoted to Sr. Manager.
I, Tammy, am currently selling Stuck On You labels. I am also in charge of keeping this family on a path. Andy and I are just trying to define where the path is going. It seems as though it's a good one, but I'll keep you posted. Talk to you...